Rebuilding the Republican Party – 2013 Flashback

Rebuilding the Republican Party – 2013 Flashback

Back in 2013 I recall having a conversation about politics at our think tank, the Republicans had just lost and Barack Obama was reelected for another 4-years and everyone in the media told us that the Republican Party might not ever win another election and that it was over. Fast forward today and we see that it is the Democratic Party that is splintered and in need of a rebuild. So, let’s talk about the pendulum of American Politics shall we?

Back in 2013 my fellow think tanker was contemplating exactly how the Republican Party could win in 2016 and take back the White House. He stated;

“If we simply focus on increasing the power of the states, it would eventually gain traction and become more and more popular with the people. The Democratic Party is extremely good at playing the political game; personally I believe they are far more aggressive than the Republican Party. There are strategies to actually even out the battle, but we can discuss that in the future.”

Indeed, back then the media had allowed the Democrats to get away with way too much in the way of populism socialist rhetoric. Of course, most media is left-leaning so this is to be expected. The Republican Party doesn’t get it, crony capitalism is part of the problem and the power base is too into Neo-Conservatism instead of freedom, liberty and efficient and responsible governance, so I think this nation is about ready for a Ronald Reagan type, I just haven’t met anyone that has that level of passion or the ability to project it in the party. I personally do, but I don’t like politics, I see it as a rotten way to run humanity, but it does beat the other options doesn’t it. How about you, do you have political ambitions?

The think tanker and I agreed, and we also considered the issues of term limits and career politicians, revolving doors and pay to play politics as well. He pondered; “Is it possible that many of them are out of touch with today’s society?”

The more I think about it, I agree with Jackson, Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Franklin, and Mason on this one. Our leaders should be of the people and do their duty for the people and then go back to their homes and retire or be available if needed in the future as gentleman statesmen mentors as needed. That’s what I think. And yes, I cringe at the revolving door too. That is so un-American, and it wrecks of corruption.

Tom Daschle is one that comes to mind, but there are so many instances now, I just want to puke; Harry Reid, Nancy Peloci, Barney Franks, and the Clintons.

That’s the problem when you run a think tank, you learn about all the games being played in Washington DC, it’s like any other large town; LA, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Boston, NYC, Miami – politics, it’s just delightful stuff. The unfortunate part is they are partying on the taxpayer’s money and gifting it to their influential friends – that’s not a government – that’s a hijacking of all we are and all we’ve built.

Thankfully, Donald Trump saw that and seized the moment. Hopefully he will drain the swamp and I hope he drains the left-side of the swamp first.

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